Oh-So Cool Akerele !

These pictures are all the property of Me :) - with the exception of 4 (but really who's counting?)

About Me

First you will notice that i love to laugh, and love making others laugh. You will then start to clock my cheapness, and the need to find something cheaper elsewhere. But then you will start to see my down to earth side and maybe even a romantic side (damn i lied .. but its my blog, ill do watever i want).

- Akerele -

About Me

I am lazy by nature, instrumentally motivated, incredibly impatient and likes to avoid responsibility.

About Me

Who Would I Die For?

A) Mum or Dad
B) Any1 of my close compadres

Answer - D)  -No1! U bitches and bastards aint worth giving up shit !

About Me


I won’t lie and say that I ONLY fear God, because I don`t …. I have lots of other fears like ….african barbers … and being trapped in coffin